Quarantine Zine

6th May 2020

Catalogue Design recently put together a great publication to raise money for NYC food banks. I contributed some work shot on my iphone in our garden whilst on lockdown.

The project successfully raised enough for 10,000 meals to be provided by Food Bank for NYC.

Update from Catalogue

“We are making a 2nd edition of this zine, pivoting proceeds in support of the¬†@blklivesmatter¬†movement. All proceeds will go to Black Lives Matter.

We want to use our platform to share something that is actionable, something that will raise funds quickly. We support our black friends and colleagues and POC who are unfairly discriminated against. We are disgusted with the racism, murder and abuse you endure and we want you to know we love you and we stand with you. You make up so much of our community. You influence us every single day.
If you missed the 1st edition please consider supporting with your donation or swipe and consider donating and supporting to one of the causes listed. This zine managed to raise over 10k meals for people in need last month. We can hopefully raise a little more for this next cause.

All content will remain the same as the 1st edition. Preorder by link in bio.
We love you. Thank you for the support in raising funds so far. Please feel free to DM us with any questions.”