Immortal Mushroom : Special Edition

18th January 2021

The special edition version of ‘Immortal Mushroom’ comes inside a hand finished, cloth-bound slipcase.
The image on the front depicts the Lingzhi, the so called ‘Mushroom of Immortality’ after which the book is named.

Inside the slipcase, in addition to the book you’ll find one of two hand C type prints.
The prints are signed and numbered, in an edition of 50.

Each print is wrapped inside a textured blue folder, printed with the traditional calligraphy for ‘blue’ and ‘Immortal Mushroom’.

The folder can be kept to protect the print. If the print is taken out and framed, the folder itself unfurls to display the calligraphy for ‘Immortal Mushroom’ in traditional vertical format.

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